term1 [tʉrm]
[ME terme < OFr < L terminus, a limit, boundary, end < IE * term, a boundary stake < base * ter-, to cross over, go beyond > TRANS-, Gr terma, goal]
1. Archaic a point of time designating the beginning or end of a period
2. a set date, as for payment, termination of tenancy, etc.
3. a set period of time; duration; specif.,
a) a division of a school year, as a semester or quarter, during which a course of studies is given
b) the stipulated duration of an appointment to a particular office [elected to a four-year term]
c) the normal elapsed period for birth after conception; also, delivery at the end of this period; parturition
4. [pl.] conditions of a contract, agreement, sale, etc.
5. [pl.] mutual relationship between or among persons; footing [on speaking terms]
6. a word or phrase having a limiting and definite meaning in some science, art, etc. [tergumis a zoological term]
7. any word or phrase used in a definite or precise sense; expression [a colloquial term]
8. [pl.] words that express ideas in a specified way [to speak in derogatory terms]
a) Now Rare a limit; boundary; extremity
b) [pl.] Obs. conditions; circumstances
10. Archit. a boundary post, esp. one consisting of a pedestal topped by a bust, as of the god Terminus
11. Law
a) the time a court is in session
b) the length of time for which an estate is granted
c) the estate itself
d) time allowed a debtor to pay
12. Logic
a) either of two concepts that have a stated relation, as the subject and predicate of a proposition
b) any of the three elements which function variously as subjects and predicates in a syllogism
13. Math.
a) either of the two quantities of a fraction or a ratio
b) each of the quantities in a series or sequence
c) each of the quantities connected by plus or minus signs in an algebraic expression
to call by a term; name
bring to terms
to reduce to submission; force to agree
come to terms
to arrive at an agreement or accommodation
in terms of
1. by means of
2. with reference to
1. terminal
2. termination

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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